ANNOUNCEMENT, JULY 12, 2021 – As announced in April, the TEC Edmonton joint venture between the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton is winding down organizational operations as of June 30th. Following collaborative discussions with the joint venture partners and TEC, Innovate Edmonton will take on the leadership of two flagship programs.  

Effective June 26th, ERIN Coach and ERIN Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) program operations moved from TEC Edmonton to Innovate Edmonton. Both programs are funded by Alberta Innovates’ Regional Innovation Network program and administered by ERIN through Business Link.  They support the acceleration of technology-based startups and scaleups by providing the knowledge and support companies need when they need it. Startup Edmonton, a division of Innovate Edmonton, also runs programs for technology startups funded by Alberta Innovates through ERIN funding.  

Innovate Edmonton also welcomes Darrell Petras as the new Director, Business & Community Development. Darrell will spearhead the onboarding of ERIN Coach and ERIN PSI, in addition to overseeing all Innovate Edmonton’s programs for startups, scaleups and accelerator partnerships. He will also work with the innovation community to develop future strategies and programs to support innovation-intensive entrepreneurship and bolster the commercialization of local innovation.  

About Innovate Edmonton 

Headquartered in Alberta’s capital city, Innovate Edmonton leverages, unites, and promotes home-grown innovation as a gateway to solving the world’s most pressing problems. We harness the power of the public and private sectors, ground-breaking academic research, and purpose-driven investment to build a shared prosperity and open international markets. From sustainable climate solutions to public health and digital education, Edmonton is a leading global centre for inspiration, ingenuity and inclusion. 

About Alberta Innovates 

Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest and Canada’s first public research and innovation organization. For a century we have worked closely with researchers, companies and entrepreneurs – trailblazers who built the province’s industries and strengthened communities. Today we are pivoting to the next frontier of opportunity in Alberta and worldwide, driven by emerging technologies across sectors. We are a provincial corporation that provides seed funding, business advice, applied research and technical services, along with avenues for partnership and collaboration. Learn how Alberta Innovates