Here’s the latest on a wide range of innovation in the Edmonton region. Feel free to share it and let us know how we can improve the Blast. Let’s begin!Here’s the latest on a wide range of innovation in the Edmonton region. Feel free to share it and let us know how we can improve the Blast. Let’s begin!

The Alberta Accelerator by 500 Global is underway

500 Global, one of the world’s most active venture capital organizations, has launched in Alberta. The Alberta Accelerator by 500 is taking 14 seed-stage companies through a 10-week training program to learn from experienced mentors, experts, and coaches.

“Innovation is a team game and we’re all-in, providing funding and supports to accelerators in the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program that will be operating in Alberta’s capital city,” said Innovate Edmonton CEO Catherine Warren. “Acceleration is game changing for Edmonton’s entrepreneurs and ensures what they need to scale, grow and to compete on the world-stage in today’s impact economy.”

The Alberta Accelerator by 500 will deliver six sector-agnostic growth programs over three years, alternating operations between Edmonton and Calgary.

Funding & Support for Entrepreneurship

  • After calls for action from the tech community, the province announced the creation of a program that will make it faster and easier for skilled tech workers to live in Alberta. The Accelerated Tech Pathway, which officially launched Jan. 13, will fast-track permanent resident status for experienced people from abroad. The province hopes that this project, part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, will grow Alberta’s tech sector, which is currently made up of more than 3,000 companies — a sum that has grown by 233% since 2012.
  • Business Link is accepting applications until Friday, January 21, for its Peerpreneur Program. Over a 4-week period, entrepreneurs will have the chance to participate in live, peer-to-peer virtual group discussions where they can exchange best practices, network, and brainstorm solutions to existing business challenges.
  • AltaML has formed a strategic alliance with Amplitude Venture Capital, a top Canadian firm focused on life sciences and building precision medicine companies. The partnership will look to leverage the possibility of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the biotechnology sector.
  • Emissions Reduction Alberta has been granted $30 million through the province’s Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction fund to help foster growth in carbon capture tech. The Carbon Capture Kickstart program focuses on site-specific carbon capture, direct air capture, and carbon transportation infrastructure.
  • The A100 has named three founders as its newest associate members: Abby Aiyeleye of Clavis Studio, Shelvie Fernan of Fly and Fetch, and Ryan Todd of headversity.
  • A call for contestants is now underway for Bears’ Lair TV, a new Indigenous business competition series to be broadcast on Canada’s Indigenous national television network, APTN.


Climate Emergency & CleanTech

Digital Inclusion & Education

  • The City of Edmonton has launched a new Service Level Dashboard which shows the status of public services related to COVID-19. The dashboard will be updated daily, and the city said it was “developed with GBA+ considerations for visual challenges like colour blindness.”
  • Leduc and SeeClickFix have partnered to provide residents a way to report problems such as potholes, vandalism, or damaged playground equipment through an app. Residents can also submit a photo of the problem to help city staff deal with the issue.

Public Health

Arts & Culture

Bits & Pieces


  • Aaryn Flynn spoke with IGN about the inspiration for Inflexion Games‘ forthcoming title Nightingale. “[There’s] this notion that a place is something that has human meaning in it, it’s a construct for us mentally and physically, that we invest ourselves in, we put ourselves out there to be socially connected to other people,” he said.

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