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Alberta and UHF put $98M into neuro ICU at Brain Centre

The provincial government has fleshed out its previously announced plans to expand the neurosciences intensive care unit at the University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre.

Premier Jason Kenney announced a total government investment of $81 million towards the completion of the project, with the University Hospital Foundation contributing $17 million raised with the help of its Brain Centre Campaign. The money will fund an up-to-date space to replace the 1980s-era facility, more than doubling its capacity from 11 spaces to 24. It is expected to take five years to complete construction.

Edmonton’s Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit is one of two dedicated neurocritical care units in Canada, and the only one in Western Canada. It sees more than 900 patients per year, said Dr. Dennis Djogovic.

“As technology advances and our population grows, we look forward to being able to provide cutting-edge care to our patients with complex neurological and neurosurgical disorders in a quieter, more private setting that can better accommodate families as they provide essential support for their loved one’s healing,” he said in a release.


  • Sparrow Connected, which recently received $1.42 million from PrairiesCan and last year secured funding from San Francisco’s Resolute Ventures, has established an advisory board to help it manage growth and explore new opportunities.
  • Serious Labs is piloting a new commercial vehicle virtual reality simulator aimed at helping the trucking industry improve skills and onboard new hires. “The North American truck driving industry is facing unprecedented challenges and needs as much support as it can get,” CEO Jim Colvin told Access, Lift & Handlers. “With the colossal uptick of e-commerce, the demand for truck drivers is greater than ever. The labour shortage is only growing, road safety remains an issue and attention to carbon emissions is critical.”
  • After a decade of creating data visualizations for Darkhorse Analytics, Eugene Chen is on to the next chapter of his career, having delivered one more wow-inducing piece of work: This is Edmonton.

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