Here’s the latest on a wide range of innovation in the Edmonton region.

Startup pitch marathon builds connections across the Prairies

Almost 200 startups from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are lined up to spend three minutes each pitching their companies at the Great Prairies Pitch Marathon on Aug. 18.

The event serves as a “State of the Union” for the innovation community, service organizations, and community partners, said Zack Storms, Founder of Startup TNT, which is the lead organizer of the marathon.

“When you read about what makes for a strong, resilient startup ecosystem, one of the key factors is having both strong relationships among the players internally in the ecosystem, but also connections, relationships with other startup communities,” Storms said. “(It) just kind of makes for a more robust, resilient community long-term.”

The marathon will be hosted on Zoom and live-streamed on YouTube starting at 8am, with after-parties scheduled in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

“The expansion of the pitch marathon kind of parallels the expansion of our own organization,” said Storms. The inaugural Great Alberta Pitch Marathon in 2020 represented an expansion of Startup TNT from an Edmonton-based organization to an Alberta-based one. “And then, as an organization, we’ve grown to thinking more of ourselves as a Prairie-based organization, not just an Alberta-based organization.”

There are no judges, no winners, and no cash prizes awarded at the marathon, but the attention tends to help presenters connect with a community to grow their ideas and gain high-quality referrals, Storms said. Several pitching companies have gone on to find funding at Startup TNT’s Investment Summits. It also exposes entrepreneurs to innovations happening outside their industries or geographical areas.

“It’s honestly one of the unique and rare occurrences where entrepreneurs from all those sectors and all those stages are all in one location pitching as part of a bigger community,” Storms said.


  • Granify has released its search enhancement solution, Granify for Search. The solution offers personalized search results on select partner e-commerce sites.
  • U.K.-based Photonic Solutions announced it has added G2V Optics to its portfolio of solar simulator capabilities, “bringing their most advanced sunlight replication LED products to our customers here in the UK and Ireland.”
  • Startup TNT published an interview with Koleya Karringten, CEO of Absolute Combustion, executive director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, and co-founder of the Canadian Blockchain Association for Women. Karringten spoke about her experience as a repeat founder. “You need to learn how to take care of yourself because entrepreneurship is a lonely journey,” she advised.

Climate Emergency & CleanTech

Digital Inclusion & Education

Food Security & AgTech

  • Applications close Aug. 26 for the THRIVE Global Impact Challenge, which invites startups at the seed to Series A stage to pitch solutions related to soil health and biodiversity, increasing food security, or reducing and offsetting emissions.
  • The Little Potato Co.‘s new custom-designed and fully automated production facility has been hailed as a sign of economic diversification in Nisku, which has traditionally focused on the energy service sector. “To have an agricultural processing facility there, it’s a welcome new use,” said CBRE Vice-President Trevor Schmidt, who helped broker the expansion.
  • Edmonton Made highlighted the craft kombucha brewery Boocha. “Before making kombucha, I’ve been really into home brewing wine and beer, so kombucha was kind of this evolution of it,” said head brewer Byron Hradoway. “I went from brewing it just for myself to giving it away to friends, and then literally four weeks later, someone jokingly said that we should sell on the market, so me and Jen put together a brand one day, and we hit the ground running.”

Public Health

Social Impact

Arts & Culture

  • Extended-reality artist Evan Pearce benefited from a creative reset during the pandemic, allowing him to develop his art and find new opportunities, including an ambitious video project with the band Bloodslide and a collaboration with a York University professor on an augmented-reality manual on liver transplantation.
  • Edify featured Cross Cut, a group exhibition at Latitude 53 featuring video and animated work emerging from the Art From Here program. It runs until Aug. 20.
  • Digital Alberta is set to host their Edmonton meetup on Sept 28. It’ll take place in-person at Innovate Edmonton, on the third floor of the Mercer Warehouse. Attendees will have a chance to learn about Digital Alberta, meet their team, along with other interactive digital media companies and organizations.

Bits & Pieces

  • Submissions are open to host an event during Edmonton Startup Week. Your event could be a panel, workshop, discussion, social or even a podcast episode. Get creative, this is an opportunity to give back, share knowledge and inspire the community around the culture of innovation in Edmonton! Apply before August 19th to be included in the first schedule release!
  • The thirteenth annual edition of Launch Party, Edmonton Startup Week’s flagship event that celebrates and showcases the hottest startups in town takes place on Thursday, October 20, at the Edmonton Convention Centre Hall D. Applications for Launch Party are open until August 19.
  • The founders of The Edmonton Project, which led to the creation of Prairie Sky Gondola, are thinking about reviving the competition after city council decided against endorsing a land deal for the gondola in the river valley. Edmonton Project Co-Founder Aziz Bootwala suggested a smaller scope and more buy-in from residents would help future ideas succeed.
  • The Edmonton Urban Farm celebrated its ninth Alberta Open Farm Days, allowing Edmontonians to watch weed-eating goats in action, admire the honeybees, and see about 120 different food-producing plants. The farm remains open to visitors on Saturdays until Oct. 8.

Other Mentions

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