Alberta Catalyzer delivers business support, resources and advice to founders, entrepreneurs, and startups in the early stages of development, preparing them to advance to the scaleup and acceleration stages.

You’ve explored a new business idea and conducted the preliminary discovery work, we’re here to help you develop key business model components to get you investment ready.

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Focus & outcomes of each learning stream:




In this stream, founders will focus on:

(cohorts offered 12 x per year)

Solution prototyping, ideal customer discovery, MVP creation, testing and validating business models/pricing strategies.

(cohort offered 6 x per year)

Develop a pitch to achieve early sales, build marketing strategy and content, and form teams to execute.

(cohorts offered 4 x per year)

Establish go-to-market strategy, polish pitch, investment readiness basics, and qualify for scaleup accelerators.

After completing the stream, founders will be better equipped to:

Create a solution with an unfair advantage.

Identify high potential customer segments.

Create an MVP for a technology-based solution.

Validate business model.

Create a pitch deck and presentation.

Customer journey using sales and marketing strategy.

Secure first customers or partners for a case study or letter of intent.

Get the first sale.

Build a team to execute on strategy.

Develop a scalable sales strategy.

Establish testing methodology toward product market fit.

Polish investment and community pitch.

Understand and gain exposure to investment capital and receive investor feedback.

Build an intellectual property strategy.

This program is for you if…

  • Your product/business model is tech-enabled, meaning through technology it’s highly scalable and can grow beyond your own personal expertise, availability and geographic location.
  • You’ve started your customer discovery process, be it through interviews, surveys or other tools.
  • You can demonstrate value and desirability of the solution from customer discovery data.
  • You are committed to learn, be coached, and share your progress with peers.
  • You want to do business in Alberta and scale your startup.

You will learn how to…

  • Develop a solution based on customer input
  • Identify high potential customer segments
  • Create an initial MVP to test the market
  • Validate your business model assumptions: customer segment, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, etc.
  • Identify impact metrics to track your progress
  • Hit the ground running or pivot your idea into something greater

Application process & dates.

The next cohort runs from April 18 - May 30, 2022 (Engage) and April 25 - May 27, 2022 (Traction)

All cohort sessions are currently online. Certain cohorts of the Alberta Catalyzer program run simultaneously across the three program streams. Application intake is ongoing, with each application review occurring on the first Monday of the month. Our program team will connect with you within 4 weeks of submitting your application. Apply now!


The fine print.

There's no cost to participate.

Founders are saying:

“Alberta Catalyzer provided the necessary framework to validate my business concept, and provided me with the confidence I needed to decide whether or not I should proceed.”

— JD Cutting, Co-Founder of Reson8

“My favourite part of the program was connecting with our coaches and mentors each week. I found this immensely helpful and also gained some extremely valuable insights from these sessions. Connecting with others in the cohort has allowed me to feel like I am not alone and that building something scalable is really possible.”

— Jenna Galloway, Founder & Director of Wymbin

“Alberta Catalyzer helped us make big progress in validating our business assumptions and focusing on getting a protoype in front of customers for feedback. Prior to Catalyzer, we thought we were still several months away from demonstrating an MVP to customers, but we achieved this within four weeks and this has been invaluable to our business and product development.”

— Thomas Eyre, Founder and CEO of ASEISMIC Solutions