Scaleup Innovators

Congratulations, you’ve validated your product-market fit and you are growing! If you’re looking to scaleup your business, Innovate Edmonton can help!  

Investment & Funding Support

Entrepreneurs need capital to help overcome the financial challenges of growing and scaling a business. Innovate Edmonton can help! Connect with our Head of Scaleup Edmonton, Chloe Chalmers.

Register for the EDGI or Startup Alberta platforms and connect to investment, programming and resources.

Experts On Demand Program

Growth-stage companies will be matched with one of our 100+ experts, with international representation, who will provide 100 hours of one-to-one and industry-specific business coaching.

Fundraising SWAT Team Program

The Experts on Demand program, in partnership with Startup TNT and Innovate Edmonton, is piloting the Fundraising SWAT Team Program which provides up to 100 hours of hands-on investment preparation training to companies that are raising $500K - $2M (beyond friends and family).

Become an Expert On Demand

Experts will help guide promising growth-stage companies to the next milestone in their development. They are proven business leaders with an infectious passion for coaching.



Chloe Chalmers

Head of Scaleup Edmonton