Innovation Growth Council

The Innovation Growth Council is a new council dedicated to exploring and connecting the diverse range of innovators in Edmonton. Innovation Growth Council members will be ambassadors and champions for innovation in all its forms in Edmonton. We are inviting applications and nominations.

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Perhaps more than at any other time in Edmonton’s modern history, our city needs to truly value and capitalize on the diversity of our people and our economy and leverage the strength of this diversity – in sectors, in representation, and in approach – to support a post-pandemic recovery and to meet global challenges. Edmonton needs to dig deep and discover productive companies, sectors and communities, including prominent players and those that have been overlooked. We’ve gone through too much to leave people behind.

The innovation ecosystem has evolved rapidly in the last decade and we have a lot to build on – we have a great innovation tech community in Edmonton, driven by the hard work of people who took risks to create the city they wanted to see. Edmonton traditionally celebrates specific innovation strengths – especially in our formal start up and scale up infrastructure. But we don’t always hearing from the innovative minds in all corners of our city. We can’t always benefit from those who don’t see support programs as the right fit nor find community networking events accessible. To not seek, engage and find ways to support these innovators is to leave growth on the table.

Innovate Edmonton, in its role to enrich an ecosystem that supports innovation, experimentation and the creation of companies, is forming an Innovation Growth Council – a group of diverse advisors and evangelists in Edmonton’s innovation spaces.

Advising the new CEO and Board of the recently established Innovate Edmonton, the job of the Innovation Growth Council will be to:

  • Explore, map and connect diverse innovators to Innovate Edmonton to establish a more holistic innovation inventory in Edmonton.
  • Advise at IGC meetings on how to engage and incorporate innovators of all stripes into IE programming, and identify supports to unlock and build on their potential.
  • Work with Innovate Edmonton to find creative ways to tell the stories of these innovative individuals and companies, their work and their sectors.


Over a two-year term, the 15 members of the council will attend three meetings a year where they will brainstorm solutions and provide advice to the CEO and Board on growing Edmonton’s innovation ecosystem.

Between meetings, they will act as ambassadors for the growth of our innovation community and will do targeted outreach according to a workplan for each council member; as well as support other council members when the opportunity arises. Council members may also work with Innovate Edmonton staff to guide the narratives of companies discovered across the outreach network.

Principles of the Innovation Growth Council

The members of the Innovation Growth Council:

  • Practice innovation in their profession.
  • Foster community, collaboration and healthy competition.
  • Always think imaginatively and critically about what innovation should mean in Edmonton’s context.
  • Seek and find the existing untapped innovation potential across Edmonton.
  • Want to learn and exchange new perspectives on innovation, business and organizing with a diverse group of council members.

Who Should Apply?

  • You are a champion for innovation in Edmonton, and passionate about finding new ways for every Edmontonian with a scalable or sharable innovation to succeed for themselves, uplift others and build up our city.
  • You have a strong capacity to build a formal, connected and relevant network.
  • You see yourself as an innovator or disruptor in any sector in Edmonton – in fact, that diversity will be an important part of the Council’s composition. Think beyond what “innovation” might look like in an annual report and consider social, cultural, sustainable, and economic innovation leadership. Perhaps you represent: innovative approaches within traditional industries (like energy, education or agri-food); emerging industries like clean tech and smart cities technology; people who operate innovation hubs, especially for unexplored innovation areas; intrepreneurs within traditional, large companies; innovative arts organizations; Indigenous innovators; innovation leadership within ethno-cultural communities; B Corps and social innovation companies tackling global issues; post-secondary students engaged in innovation activities; disruptive non-profits – all are encouraged to put themselves forward.
  • People of all backgrounds, representations, experiences and equity groups are encouraged to apply. In fact, this diversity is essential for the Innovation Growth Council to succeed. If you are an innovator of any kind with a desire to advance our city, we want to see you apply.

Innovate Edmonton Land Acknowledgement

Indigenous innovation has taken place on these lands, Amiskwaciwâskahikan/ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ, Edmonton since time immemorial. At Innovate Edmonton, we recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit innovators whose footsteps have marked these lands for generations. We respectfully acknowledge that we are situated on Treaty 6 territory, traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Blackfoot, Saulteaux, Nakota Sioux, and Metis. We also encourage, support, and promote the resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and practices and are committed to empowering Indigenous innovation in the spirit of reconciliation.

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